DMSairconditionersIf you’re looking for a way to condition the air in your home this winter, consider a ductless mini-split heat pump. Like standard heat pumps, mini splits use a condenser/compressor that sits outside and air handlers with evaporators indoors. These systems offer a number of advantages over conventional heat pumps and portable air conditioners that might be a suitable solution to condition your home.

  • Easy installation: The installer places the compressor outdoors and connects the air handlers to it by drilling a 3-inch hole through the wall and running a cable that contains the coolant, drain pipe, power cord and suction. The air handlers can be placed on the floor or hung on the ceiling or wall.
  • No ductwork: Each space in your home has its own air handler with its own temperature settings. This makes conditioning room additions or unconditioned space like garages much easier, since the systems require no ducts.
  • Energy efficiency: Since the ductless mini-splits do not use ducts, there are no heating or cooling losses, either through leaky or uninsulated ducts, which can account for 30 percent of your conditioning costs. Some of the systems use variable speed fans that lower your heating and cooling costs even more.
  • Flexibility: Some compressors are capable of supporting up to four air handlers, which gives you budgeting flexibility for adding conditioned spaces to your home. Since each air handler has its own temperature setting, you are likely to save energy by not heating or cooling rooms you don’t use frequently.
  • Security: Unlike window or wall air conditioners, the mini-splits require just a 3-inch hole connecting the outdoor compressor to the interior air handlers.

Whether you need to retrofit an older, inefficient heating and cooling system or you’re planning to add to your home, considering a ductless mini-split may be a way for you to more efficiently improve indoor comfort, especially in Florida where summertime cooling demands are high.

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