ht_InstallaProgrammableThermostat_hero_imageIf you want to save energy and money without compromising on comfort, a programmable thermostat can be your best friend. Programmables make saving almost automatic, once you set up your program with desired temperatures and your schedule. This way you don’t need to keep your Palm Beach County home excessively cool when you’re out at work or school all day, for example. The system will automatically return the temperature to cool and comfy by the time you get home. You’ve saved energy by allowing the house to warm up when you weren’t home without noticing any difference in comfort level. When you get your next utility bill, you’ll notice a difference, however — it will cost you less.

Here are some of the ways a programmable allows you to control home temperature round the clock:

  • Models generally offer the following set of scheduling options: A 5+2 unit has programming capability for one five-day stretch plus a two-day “weekend” period. A 5+1+1 allows you to preset one five-day stretch and two other individual days, Saturday and Sunday for example. A seven-day model gives you the most flexibility, a unique program for each day of the week.
  • Many units allow you four separate thermostat settings each day if you wish. You can pre-set temperatures, for example for: morning (getting ready for work, breakfast), daytime (while you’re away from home), evening (dinner and relaxing or socializing) and nighttime (sleep).
  • All models have a manual override switch, so you can make last-minute changes that differ from your “normal” preset program — without erasing the preset program from memory. This override is canceled when the next program period begins.
  • Other convenient, precise control features include service or malfunction notifications, outdoor temperature and humidity tracking, humidity control if your home is equipped with a whole-house humidification system, remote control and more.

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