4177ZXCXR0L._SL500_AA300_If you'd like to find a better way to condition the air in your home, consider an energy-efficient heat pump. Winter is ending, so it won't be long before the long cooling season starts and your energy bills increase. A heat pump offers one of the best ways to heat and cool homes in Florida, since winters are mild. A pump transfers heat from one place to another and does not use any fuel to create heat, which lowers its operational costs.

Like all heating and cooling equipment, the pumps carry ratings issued by the Environmental Protection Agency that describe their efficiency. The minimum cooling efficiency is a 13 SEER, which stands for seasonal energy efficiency ratio. The heating efficiency is noted as HSPF, short for heating season performance factor. This minimum is 7.7, but when choosing a heat pump for our location, choosing a unit with a high SEER rating is most important.

More efficient pumps have higher SEER ratings. Several features increase the performance of these pumps, like:

  • Dual-speed compressors: The compressor sits outdoors and electronics switch the speed at which it operates by changing based on temperatures. When the weather is moderate, the compressor doesn't run as hard, which saves electricity.
  • Variable-speed motors: These rest inside the indoor air handler and are a good choice for the Palm Beach area. They convert AC power to DC, making them more energy efficient. The motors run more slowly and longer than single-speed motors, so that the humidity in your air has a better chance to precipitate out, dehumidifying the air more effectively.
  • Heat recovery unit: A heat recovery unit uses the waste heat in the summer to heat your water. Although it doesn't make the heat pump any more efficient, it can cut your electric bill seasonally.

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