balanced_ventilationVentilation systems are being installed in more and more homes today, primarily because of how tight construction has become. The purpose of a tightly sealed home is to save energy by limiting the amount of outdoor air that seeps through gaps and cracks. But an unfortunate side effect occurs: Without proper home ventilation, you may find your air becoming stale and heavy, which is uncomfortable and potentially even unhealthy.


To counter these effects, consider a home ventilation system. Many systems are ingeniously designed to allow fresh air in while preheating or cooling it as it passes near conditioned outgoing air. This allows you to enjoy a fresher interior without the high energy costs of a leaky home.


Keep these eight design factors of the best home ventilation systems in mind if you are having one installed:


  • Fresh-air intakes need to be installed away from the driveway and laundry or furnace vents. These are polluted areas, and you don’t want polluted air drawn into your home.
  • Supply inlets should be installed in each bedroom and common area to keep the entire home supplied with an equal amount of fresh, incoming air.
  • Return outlets, also known as pickup points, should be installed in high-moisture, high-pollution areas such as the kitchen, utility room and bathrooms.
  • Return outlets need to be installed close to the ceiling, and outlets in the kitchen should be installed at least 10 feet away from the cooktop to prevent grease from clogging the energy recovery core of the home ventilation system.
  • Duct runs should be short and direct.
  • Smooth, round ductwork should be used in home ventilation systems whenever possible.
  • Insulation should be installed around ductwork to prevent energy loss. Joints should also be sealed with duct mastic.
  • A condensate drain may need to be installed to carry away excess moisture created by the home ventilation system.

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