03_attic-ducts2Whether your home is new or vintage, one thing that’s certainly needed for comfortable living in Florida is an efficient cooling system. One of the most important things to keep in mind is eliminating air loss. Depending on whether your home is new or vintage, there are things you can do to protect yourself against air loss.

When buying a new home, it’s important to note the design and installation of your duct system. Properly installed ducts provide a balanced return and supply flow for maximum comfort. Make sure your home is energy-efficient by making sure your duct system is hidden in the dropped ceilings and corners of the room, or in an insulated and sealed-off chase in the attic or raised floors. Contractors must not use these chases for other wiring during construction.

Also, ducts must be well-sealed. Make sure the “radial” or “trunk and branch” configurations are used for the supply ducts. The return system should either send air back to the the cooling system via returns in each room or via central locations in the floor. Avoid new homes with “door undercuts.”

If you are not familiar with these configurations, it is best to talk with your contractor on a new build, or contact your local cooling professional.

In retrofits, it is important to make sure your ducts are sealed to prevent air loss. The most important thing you can do is adjust furniture arrangement, making sure return and supply ducts are not blocked. This is often overlooked and results in air loss.

The real problem with existing duct systems is that they suffer from inefficient design in return systems and modifications by prior homeowners. Simple upgrades like installing new grilles, jumper ducts or undercutting doors in order to increase return air often solves these problems. Other problems in air loss arise from inadequate supply ducts or the grilles themselves.

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