kitchen-fan-design3Choosing a kitchen exhaust fan may seem of little significance, but it’s actually an important decision. Without proper consideration, you could end up with an underpowered fan, improper venting and no thought of replacement air entering the house. This brief guide will help you find the right exhaust fan for your kitchen.

  • Overhead exhaust vs. down-draft exhaust: Hot air rises, and grease particles go with it. Take advantage of this fact by choosing overhead exhaust to collect and vent cooking vapors to the exterior.
  • Fan speeds: Multiple speeds are useful for different cooking applications. Low works well if you have a single pot boiling or steaming food. Medium is best when cooking multiple dishes at once, and high speed should be used if something begins to burn.
  • Sizing the exhaust fan: The easiest way to size the exhaust fan is to measure the kitchen’s square footage and multiply the number by 2. This gives you the ideal cubic feet per minute output for the exhaust fan. For example, if your kitchen is 300 square feet, you want a fan that can move at least 600 cubic feet of air per minute.
  • Venting: The kitchen exhaust fan should always be vented to the exterior, since it carries grease and other vapors with it. If these are deposited anywhere on the interior due to gaps or cracks in the ventilation ductwork, you could have a serious fire hazard on your hands.
  • Makeup air vent: Newer homes are so airtight that replacement air may have a hard time entering the home. To prevent pressure imbalances, install a makeup air vent near the exhaust fan so exhausted air can easily be replaced.
  • Exhaust ducts: Use the exact duct sizes suggested by the manufacturer and be sure never to exceed the length of piping allowed. This is important for properly exhausting cooking vapors from your kitchen.

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