ductlessAn ongoing challenge in home comfort is making sure that cooling reaches every part of your house, but inevitably there are hard-to-cool spots. These often include places where the ductwork cannot reach, either because of lack of space for installing new ducts or because existing ductwork does not extend that far. For homes with areas that are not easy to cool, ductless mini splits can be a practical solution to existing air conditioning problems.

Your air conditioning system requires a large duct network to distribute the air that cools your home. Ductwork is usually placed under floors or behind ceilings. However, it is very bulky and can take up a considerable amount of physical space, which severely limits where it can be installed. Once in place, it can be very difficult and expensive to move or reconfigure, and doing so requires the services of a professional HVAC contractor.

Ductless mini splits overcome these problems since they don’t rely on ductwork to distribute cooling. They consist of a large outdoor unit containing main system components and up to four smaller indoor air-handling units with individual thermostats. The indoor units are connected to the outdoor components via a conduit in the wall, which carries the power cables, refrigerant lines and condenser drain.

The indoor units can be placed almost anywhere and are limited only by the length of the connections to the outdoor unit. The availability of ductwork does not restrict their placement. You can put one or more indoor units in rooms or on floors that receive inadequate cooling from existing ductwork, or you can comfortably cool areas that aren’t served by the ductwork at all. Since they require no ducts, there is no possibility of the air and energy loss commonly found with ductwork systems, which makes ductless mini splits very efficient and easy on the budget.

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