ventThe ductwork of your HVAC system plays a more important role in home comfort and indoor air quality than might be apparent at first glance. Your HVAC system is a very large air circulation device, sending out conditioned air to cool your home and bringing back expended air to be filtered, cooled again and redistributed. Supply vents send the air out into your home, while return-air vents and ductwork pull air out of the interior of your home and send it back to the main HVAC unit.

In many houses, there are not enough return vents and ducts to provide adequate air circulation. More returns are commonly needed to bring air back to the main HVAC unit. Sometimes there are other problems with air-return ducts, such as inadequate size or improper configuration. All of these factors can cause stale, unpleasant indoor air; stuffy, musty rooms and diminished levels of cooling.

Air-return ductwork performance can be improved dramatically by using a multiple-room system. In this case, a return duct is placed in each room that receives conditioned air from your air conditioner or heat pump. These systems are very efficient, but can be expensive and bulky.

A less-costly alternative is a central return system. Here, return ducts are connected to return-air grilles in central areas of your house, such as hallways, stairwells or main rooms. Each room in the house also has a jumper duct or transfer grille connecting to the central return duct.

You can maintain air-return vent efficiency by:

  • Installing a central return register on every floor of the house, which helps ensure enough air circulates back to the HVAC unit.
  • Placing jumper ducts or transfer grilles in all rooms.
  • Installing independent return-air ducts in rooms with two or more supply ducts.

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