4445786048_7b6af7c378_oIn addition to cool air, your air conditioning system offers the additional benefit of reducing the humidity level in your home. Dehumidification occurs as the indoor air circulates through the system and flows across the evaporator coil. This coil is cold enough that condensation forms on it. This condensation, which is moisture from inside your home, is then drained away.

Because water is almost always present in the system, there is the chance that it will leak or overflow and cause water damage in your home. If the drain pipes get clogged, overflows are likely to result. An overworking evaporator coil can freeze over; when the coil defrosts, there may be more water flowing out than the drain can carry.

Here are a some tips that will can help cut down on the possibility of water leaks from your air conditioning system:

  • Conduct regular preventive maintenance. Regular preventive maintenance performed by an HVAC professional will keep your air conditioner running properly and reduce the potential for leaks. Your technician should check both main and emergency drains to make sure they’re clear of blockages. The expert should also ensure the coils are clean and contactors have no damaged contact points.
  • Make sure air flow is adequate. The system requires unobstructed air flow to function properly, so change the filters regularly to keep the internal air flow unblocked. Remove any obstructions in or around the outside unit and trim back trees, grass, bushes or other vegetation.
  • Use algaecide. Treating the system with algaecide will keep algae from growing inside the pipes and creating clogs.
  • Put in a safety float switch. This switch goes in the unit’s drain pan. It will shut off the air conditioner if the water level in the drain pan gets too high, indicating a clog. When you notice the air conditioner isn’t running properly, you’ll know to call for service.

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