Zoning-Duct-SystemOne of the more frustrating aspects of keeping your larger or multi-story home cool throughout the summer is inconsistent temperature levels throughout your house. Rooms on the first floor may be perfectly comfortable, but areas on the second floor may be too warm for their occupants. With everyone in the house struggling for control of the single thermostat, nobody will be comfortable for long.

A reliable solution to this variable-temperature problem is a zoning system. Zoned temperature control systems allow you to divide your home into zones in which the cooling is controlled by separate thermostats. The system deploys a network of individual motorized dampers along with those independent programmable thermostats to give each specified room or area independent temperature control. With a zoning system, room occupants can set the temperature they want without affecting the temperature of other zones. A zoned cooling system keeps rooms or entire floors from being too hot or too cold for individual tastes.

The more precise and focused temperature control can also reduce overall home energy use by as much as 25 percent.

With the control offered by a zoning system, you can determine which areas of your house to cool, when to cool them, and for how long. If you and your family are going to be gone much of the day, there is no need to cool the entire house. The zoning system lets you choose the extent of the cooling and also allows you to set a time when the cooling increases so that your home will be comfortable when everyone returns.

In most homes, three separate temperature zones are enough to provide for individual and overall home temperature control needs.

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