figure7.04Cooling season has arrived in South Florida, and temperatures continue to climb. The persistent hum of the air conditioner can be heard throughout the area as the need to stay cool and comfortable intensifies. A great way to make the most of the conditioned air within your home is by keeping it where it belongs. Read on to find out how the proper attic insulation can help you do just that.

  • Create a strong barrier. Your roof absorbs a great deal of the sun’s rays, and once inside, the heat stays inside. While proper attic ventilation is also necessary to circulate and move the heat along, adequate insulation is the key to prevent the heat from transferring to your living space below. With temperatures in the attic easily reaching 150 degrees or  more, investing in a solid layer of attic insulation creates a barrier between the attic floor and your ceiling.
  • Keep energy costs down. Without adequate attic insulation, a transfer of heat is inevitable, forcing your air conditioner to work harder to achieve the same level of comfort. This not only results in a rise in energy costs, but additional wear and tear on the unit itself. The cost of attic insulation is low compared to what you will save on your cooling bill, as well as repairs.
  • Save money in the winter as well. The same insulation that stops your structure from allowing the heat into your conditioned space in the summer can also stop heat loss in the winter months. South Florida isn’t especially cold in the winter compared to the rest of the country, but some evenings might need the use of your furnace. Prevent heat loss up through the ceiling and into the attic with the right attic insulation.

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