ENERGY-STARIf you’re shopping for a new major home appliance, you have undoubtedly heard about Energy Star-qualified options. This government-backed program awards its label to products that meet certain strict guidelines. By choosing an Energy Star-qualified heat pump, air conditioner or other home appliance, you enjoy greater energy efficiency that reduces greenhouse gas emissions and helps protect the environment. Energy Star-labeled products are also known for delivering above-average features to increase user convenience.

The EPA decides the standards that appliances must meet in order to qualify for the Energy Star label. The key requirements call for systems that:

  • Can provide significant energy savings to users nationwide.
  • Have features designed to enhance system performance and increase energy efficiency.
  • Result in a return on investment through energy savings, which is especially important if the Energy Star-labeled product costs more than a less-efficient counterpart.
  • Offer excellent energy efficiency via more than one manufacturer.
  • Have proven their energy-saving ability and performance through measurable testing.

Since technology continues to improve, the EPA revises the specifications, raising the bar for appliances to qualify for the Energy Star label. This can take place for a few reasons, including when:

  • More than 50 percent of the products in one category can qualify for the Energy Star label.
  • The federal government increases the minimum efficiency standards.
  • Advances in technology make revisions appropriate.
  • Product availability has become an issue.
  • Performance or quality issues prompt a revision.

More and more people are coming to appreciate what the Energy Star label means in terms of energy savings and helping the environment. It’s a huge selling point for models that qualify because they can literally pay for themselves after only a few years of use.

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