NestSmartThermostat1If you are like most homeowners, a decent amount of your household budget goes to powering your home. Controlling the temperature of your home while attempting to save energy at the same time can seem like a real juggling act. This is where smart thermostats can really make a difference.

What makes them smart?

Unlike thermostats of the past, which relied on metal coils and toxic mercury to keep indoor temperatures in check, smart thermostats are Internet-enabled and full of advanced features. Once programmed, settings can be adjusted via remote control, telephone or using a mobile app.

Homes with more than one smart thermostat can rest easy since the various systems will communicate with each other, reducing the amount of on/off cycling and therefore your home’s energy needs.

Not only does such high-tech control remove unnecessary cycling on and off of your HVAC system, saving you money, these smart devices even have the know-how to connect with your power company. Once connected, smart thermostats can check the latest utility costs and adjust your household energy consumption to keep you well within your budget.


Because the installation of smart thermostats is a bit more involved than just connecting a few wires, it pays to have a professional HVAC technician do the job. The smart thermostat system will require connection to your home computer, phone or central control unit, which will serve as a gateway for the smart thermostat’s data transmissions.

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