home-air-leakageLiving in Southern Florida means that you don’t typically have to worry about dealing with freezing temperatures. However, hot and muggy weather can be as difficult to contend with, and it can definitely test the limits of your cooling system. Therefore, it is essential that your air-conditioning unit runs efficiently and optimally, to ensure your home comfort as well as that your energy spending stays within a reasonable level.

Imagine driving a car that has tiny holes in the tires. Tires that are not inflated properly can place undue wear on a vehicle and waste your fuel. The same goes for air leaks within a home. They allow your costly cool air to seep out, which means that your air conditioning works overtime trying to reach and maintain your desired temperature. This places undue wear on your air-conditioning system, wastes energy and means your utility bills will rise. Therefore, it’s imperative that you find, and seal, air leaks in your home.

There are some areas of your home where these leaks will be more obvious, including around your windows and doors. Place your hand near the edges of your doors and windows, and you’ll likely feel leaks as the wind moves through. You can install weatherstripping around these areas, or you could upgrade your windows to double-pane glass, which provides more resistance to your cool air leaking out.

Other, less obvious locations in which air leaks can occur are in those extra rooms of your home that perhaps you don’t use so much, including attics and basements. Walk into uninsulated basements or attics during the summer, and you’ll likely find that the temperature is far higher than it is in the rest of your home. However, when insulated properly, you’ll find the temperature in these spaces is regulated, and the hot air isn’t leaking into your living space.

Additional areas in which air leaks can occur are around recessed lighting, due to improper seals, and around plumbing vents, which can create burrows through which air leaks out.

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