Ventilation-and-insulationWhen your attic is running a temperature, it becomes an infectious problem that causes your entire house to suffer. Your attic is capable of reaching temperatures as high as 150 degrees, and that heat can raise your household energy spending by as much as 20 percent. In order to keep your home (and your wallet) healthy, you must take measures to ensure adequate insulation and ventilation.

Why are insulation and ventilation important?

Your attic space requires proper insulation and ventilation both to increase your level of home comfort and to decrease your utility bill. Heat rises, and without adequate ventilation, that heat becomes trapped and will radiate downward through your ceilings, unless it is stopped by insulation. If your attic is not well insulated, the heat will return to your house, greatly decreasing your air conditioner’s efficiency.

Do you need to improve your attic’s insulation and ventilation?

If you notice that your asphalt shingles are curled up at the ends, this is a good indicator that your attic is getting too hot. Check your attic vents for any debris that may be disrupting ventilation. If your vents are clear, but your attic is still too hot, you should consider installing an attic fan. These fans are simple to install and can be placed at your roof’s peak or in a gabled wall, so that no structural alterations are necessary.

Take a moment to check your attic’s insulation. If it’s even with, or below the floor joists, you should add more. Because every area of the nation experiences different climates, you will need to determine how much insulation you need in your Florida home through finding the R-Value (resistance to heat flow) of your current insulation and comparing it with the U.S. Department of Energy’s recommendations. Your HVAC contractor can easily calculate your insulation’s R-Value, and help you determine how much insulation you should add for optimum energy savings. Or you can check out the online ZIP code insulation calculator.

One other consideration if you’re dealing with an attic that’s running a temperature is to install a radiant barrier, which decreases the transfer of heat from your roof, through your attic, and into your living space. Radiant barriers, which are composed of reflective materials that you install in your attic, work especially well in warm climates, and can reduce your cooling costs by as much as 10 percent.

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