san-diego-leased-solar-system-aIf you are living in the Sunshine State, you might as well take full advantage of the sun.

Solar energy is the cleanest, most environmentally-friendly source of power available. Florida homes equipped with solar systems have been known to get as much as half their energy from the sun, for free. On sunny afternoons, a solar-equipped house can actually have its electric utility meter run backwards, as it supplies power to the electric company instead of consuming it.

Of course, there is the initial cost of installing a solar system, which can be substantial. Thankfully, there is help available when it comes to covering those purchase and installation costs. The federal government is currently offering tax credits that can pay for almost a third of your solar system costs.

You may have heard that the federal tax credits offered to homeowners who make energy-efficient upgrades to their homes had expired. Many such tax credits, such as those for new air conditioners or insulation, did run out at the end of 2011. However, the tax credits given for solar energy improvements are still in effect, and will be through the end of 2016.

And those solar tax credits are sizable: a full 30 percent of the cost, including both materials and labor, with no upper limit on how much can be earned. If the tax credit exceeds your income tax bill for the year, you will pay nothing on your taxes this year, and the remainder will carry over to the next tax year.

The 30 percent tax credit applies to both electricity-producing photovoltaic cells, and to solar water heating systems. Certain conditions do apply, though. For instance, the tax credit does not apply if the solar water heater is used to heat your pool.

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