ecobee-smart-thermostatProgrammable thermostats are simple yet exceptional tools to ensure customized comfort for any lifestyle, while lowering energy consumption at the same time. With the new generation of smart thermostats, you’ll enjoy the same benefits with many new high-tech features at your fingertips.

Smart thermostats, smart choice

Smart thermostats have made the leap to the Wi-Fi world, offering all of the standard programming capabilities that come with conventional programmable thermostats, combined with several high-tech features.

These are some of the features and benefits of smart programmable thermostats:

  • They use seven-day programming with four or more daily event settings to prioritize home comfort and energy savings no matter how busy or commonplace your lifestyle is.
  • All features are accessible using a smartphone or online computer
  • Working late, leaving early, or have other schedule changes? Communicate with your smart programmable thermostat using your smartphone app or computer to change event settings to exactly match your schedule changes.
  • You may integrate compatible HVAC equipment, such as whole-house dehumidifiers and zoning systems for total home-comfort control.
  • Enjoy more energy savings with smart recovery startup, which means that your smart programmable thermostat “learns” the most energy-efficient method to bring your home to target temperature.
  • View the weather forecast on large, intuitive display screens.
  • Schedule and change event settings in a snap with tabbed touchscreen convenience.
  • Certain models include online software that allows you to track when and where your household uses energy so you may take appropriate actions to improve efficiency.
  • Use a radio-frequency remote anywhere in your home to change settings.
  • Receive alerts via text message or email regarding changes in HVAC function, such as equipment freeze-up, power outages, overheating, maintenance reminders, low battery, and when it’s time to change the filter.
  • Some models can also monitor home security systems and turn lights on and off. This is an excellent feature when you are away from home on vacation or business.

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