solar power palm beach county floridaOne of the best ways to reduce your yearly energy bills is to supply part or all of your own electricity. A solar panel system on your roof makes this possible. For homeowners living in South Florida, the abundant sunshine makes solar energy a smart choice. However, you’ll want to consider several factors before you install your solar energy system.

Sun exposure: You should determine if your roof will get enough sunlight during the day. While Florida gets plenty of sunshine, it’s important that your roof be angled so it has as much southern exposure as possible. You also want to avoid obstructions. See if there’s anything around your house that will block the sunlight from hitting your solar panels. Trees can be easily removed, but tall buildings blocking the sun will make it difficult or impossible to effectively use a rooftop solar panel on your home.

Roof size: The amount of energy that you can get from solar panels mainly depends on how many you can place on your roof or other placement spot. This depends on the available space.

Community permission: Some people live in communities with homeowners associations or zoning restrictions that might have rules limiting the use of solar panels. Investigate this possibility before proceeding with your solar energy project. Even in areas with tight restrictions, you can sometimes get a waiver that will allow installation.

In addition to the energy savings you’ll realize, you’re also helping the environment. If you have any further questions about using the sun to energize your home, please Robert R. McGill Air Conditioning.. We provide quality HVAC services to South Florida homeowners.

Our goal is to help educate our customers in Palm Beach County, Florida about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems). 

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