ductwork design palm beach county floridaIf you’re a Palm Beach-area resident who is building a new home, adding on to an existing structure, or considering improvements to your current ductwork’s design, there are specific design principles that can maximize your home’s energy efficiency and comfort.

Determining the correct size

The objectives of accurate ductwork sizing include:

  • Providing balanced air supply and return.
  • Placing minimal load on your heating and cooling systems.
  • Ensuring a tightly-sealed system to minimize energy loss, and prevent air contamination.
  • Allowing minimal pressure drop at the air handler.
  • Providing optimal comfort for the home’s occupants.

To size your ductwork, your HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) contractor uses the Manual J method to determine your home’s heating and cooling load, based on a multitude of factors. Your contractor then uses the Manual J results to calculate duct size.

Picking the right installation location

For optimal ductwork design, follow these key principles for layout of ductwork and components:

  • Ducts should take the shortest path possible from air handler to registers, utilizing conditioned spaces, such as suspended ceilings and raised floors.
  • Supply registers and return grilles should be sized to promote ample air circulation while minimizing noise. Return grilles should be located in each room or area with a supply register. Cross-over ducts, transfer grilles and door grilles may be installed for rooms where doors are often closed. Your HVAC contractor should have the specialized tools, and conduct the necessary tests, to determine the proper location for registers and grilles.

Ensuring ducts are sealed tight

Efficient ductwork design entails impermeable sealing of duct joints at seams, boots, plenums, run-offs, registers and grilles. When you are sealing ducts, here are a few important points to remember:

  • Sheet-metal screws should be installed on each side of square ducts, while round ducts require three to four sheet-metal screws.
  • Mastic sealant is applied to all seams of square and round ducts for air-tightness.
  • Butyl tape is an excellent sealant for flex-duct seams.
  • Mechanical collars with butyl tape tightly adjoin flex ducts with plenums.
  • Expansion joint collar relieves stress at plenum joints, and can prevent booming noises when ducts expand and contract.
  • A blower door test is performed after installation and sealing to expose any leaks.

Balancing airflow

Efficient ductwork design promotes balanced airflow throughout your home. Neutral air pressure prevents pressure drops (inadequate air return) across the air handler. Unbalanced airflow and pressure drops increase energy consumption, increase wear on your HVAC components, and may even damage your heating and cooling system when not corrected.

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