Are Your Ducts Sweating? 3 Tips For Resolving The ProblemMany Florida homeowners face a unique problem in their homes: sweating ducts. This issue is common in humid areas, and occurs when the outer surfaces of ducts have a dew point that is lower than the surrounding air. The cold air inside the ducts meets the warm, humid outside air, causing condensation to form, which leads to sweat forming on their ducts. And while the name sounds funny, sweating ducts can be serious, because they can result in mold proliferation and mildew growth.

Here are three tips to resolve your sweating ducts:

  1. Employ fiberglass ducts: The best ducts are fiberglass, because it contains proper insulation natively. These flexible ducts are less likely to sweat than stiffer sheet-metal ducts. If you have sheet-metal ducts, consider replacing them.
  2. Install proper insulation: Sweating ducts?typically result from poor insulation. You want to insulate your ducts to prevent your warm ducts from meeting with the cold air, and forming condensation. If it’s too intensive or costly to replace sheet metal ducts with fiberglass ones, wrap the sheet metal with fiberglass wrap.
  3. Use a dehumidifier😕 Functioning by taking humidity out of an area, a dehumidifier may also help to resolve sweating ducts by reducing warm air in a room and thus helping to avoid that clash of temperatures that leads to condensation. Dehumidifiers also help your air conditioning unit run more smoothly, aiding you in running a more energy efficient home and saving you money.

If sweating ducts have already lead to mold or mildew growth on your walls, clean it off using a homemade mixture of half bleach and half water.? Also consider calling for expert assistance, since mold and mildew in the home can lead to serious respiratory issues for you and your loved ones, and structural damage to your home.

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