An Energy Recovery Ventilator Provides Moisture Control And Fresh AirFor South Florida homeowners struggling with moisture problems, relentless humidity and stagnant indoor air quality, an energy recovery ventilator may be your best solution for controlling moisture all year long, and supplying your home with fresh air regardless of outside weather conditions. 

How an energy recovery ventilator works

An energy recovery ventilator is a cost-effective mechanical ventilation system that pre-heats or pre-cools inflowing fresh air. This helps reduce the cost of running your heat pump/air conditioning to cool and/or heat inflowing air. The unique aspect of energy recovery ventilation is the ability to help regulate indoor humidity.

A qualified HVAC professional typically installs an energy recovery ventilator onto existing ductwork. The ventilator utilizes the air handler to aid in air circulation. However, you may choose a self-powered ventilator, which saves energy when cooling or heating aren’t needed. A central control panel monitors indoor and outdoor temperatures and humidity levels, while automatic duct doors control the amount of air intake.

Many energy recovery systems are equipped with an air filter, providing an extra indoor-air filtration process. In fact, operating the ventilation system is an excellent way to filter indoor air more frequently for less energy consumption, rather than relying solely on your cooling or heating system to remove contaminants from indoor air.

Heat and moisture exchange

Heat and moisture transfer occurs inside a cube-shaped heat exchanger. Inflowing fresh air and out-flowing contaminated air enter the heat exchanger at opposite ends. The air streams circulate inside the heat exchanger without mixing, during which heat and moisture are exchanged.

For instance, during the humid cooling months, the hotter and more humid inflowing fresh air transfers heat and moisture to the out-flowing contaminated air. The opposite heat and moisture exchange occurs during the heating months.

Indoor moisture control

An energy recovery ventilator helps prevent condensation on windows, inside ductwork and other surfaces, helping to prevent the spread and growth of mold within a home.

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