A New Energy Star Label Outlines Best HVAC EquipmentAre you in the market for new heating and cooling equipment for your Florida home? By now, everyone knows to look for the Energy Star label, but have you realized there’s a new standard of energy efficiency? It’s called the Most Efficient program, and it’s set to take purchasing decisions into a whole new arena.

Energy Star label sets the standard of excellence
For the past two decades, the Energy Star label has allowed consumers to make more informed buying decisions by separating appliances, including heating and cooling units, that met a defined standard for energy efficiency. The program has worked great, encouraging manufacturers to remain competitive in delivering efficient models and giving consumers the ability to make better choices for their homes. But now, new technologies and stiffer competition have translated to a dilution of the label’s standing since most appliances on the market today now have the Energy Star label attached to it.

A great time for the Most Efficient program
Change is good, and no one knows that better than the people behind Energy Star. In keeping with technology and competition, they have created the Most Efficient program. This new standard separates the cream of the crop in terms of energy efficiency. To be given this new declaration, an appliance must achieve the highest of standards. The goal is to not only provide consumers with a new standard for purchasing decisions, but also to prevent manufacturers’ desire to improve from becoming stagnant.

The models that reach the program’s goals will be rewarded, in part, by being designated on the Energy Star website. Each year, a new list of the Most Efficient models will be produced, ensuring that every homeowner can make a well-informed decision when buying new heating and cooling equipment for their home.

If you would like further assistance with the Energy Star label, or for questions regarding home comfort, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Robert R. McGill Air Conditioning. We have been serving the HVAC needs of eastern Palm Beach, northern Broward and southern Martin counties since 1979.

Our goal is to help educate our customers in Palm Beach County, Florida about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems). 

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