3 Advanced Heat Pump Features Offer South Floridians Optimal ReturnIf you’ve heard anything about the modern capabilities of modern heat pumps, you’ve heard about energy efficiency. With new technology comes better equipment, and HVAC appliances have not been left behind. You can optimize your heat pump system by looking for these three must-have advanced heat pump features:?

Two-stage compressors
An air compressor works by using a piston to pump air into a cylinder. The pressure builds as air is pumped into the confined space and energy is generated. The two-stage compressor has two pistons and two cylinders, so one piston pumps directly into the other cylinder, increasing the?amount of air being compressed?and?the pressure that it’s under, and thus increasing the energy produced. This modern feature helps your heat pump work super efficiently and generates a greater amount of energy for less cost.

Variable-speed air handlers
These components are seen on newer units that have two-stage heat as well. The amazing thing about variable-speed air handlers is that they communicate with your system and use sensors to detect just how much force is needed to cool or heat your home. They usually run at a near continuous slower speed, providing more even cooling and heating at a lower cost, with quieter operation and better air filtration and humidity control than single-speed models.

Improved coil design
The coil is an essential component in the system as it’s responsible for delivering the refrigerant to the heat pump as well as acting as a heat exchanger.?Heat pumps of the past often suffered from poor coil design, and this area was often the cause of many problems with these units. ?Today’s coils are designed for maximum efficiency and are far more reliable than their predecessors.

Look for these features when shopping for a heat pump to guarantee maximum savings as well as adequately supplying your home with comfortable, consistent temperatures.?To receive more expert advice on advanced heat pump features, please?contact us?at Robert R. McGill Air Conditioning, Inc.?We?have served eastern Palm Beach, northern Broward and southern?Martin counties since 1979 and are happy to answer any questions you may have about your heat pump.

Our goal is to help educate our customers in Palm Beach County, Florida about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems).?

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