How Palm Beach County Homeowners Contend With Mold ProblemsMold problems can occur when the climate is right for mold spores to grow, which include having the right food for growth, the right temperatures and moisture. Eliminating any one of these inhibits the spores from surviving. In Palm Beach County, the conditions for mold are often ideal. Here are some steps you can take to prevent mold from growing in your home:

Use correct settings: When running your air conditioner be sure that the setting is on auto and not switched to the on position. When the fan runs in the on position, it allows moisture to build up in the unit.

Keep the doors open: In humid environments, the doors inside the home should be left open. This is to keep the air pressure from getting too low in certain areas, which may allow humid air to infiltrate through spaces around windows, ceilings, or other small pathways.

Replace vinyl wall covering: With Florida’s high humidity levels, vinyl wall coverings trap the moisture in the backing boards, causing serious mold problems.

Keep bathrooms dry: Easier said than done, but bathrooms have the best conditions for mold growth. Because of the dampness from showers and tubs, it’s important to keep bathrooms clean and dry. Wiping down the surfaces after bathing and regular cleaning with a solution of water and a little bleach will inhibit mold growth. Don’t leave towels lying around either.

Appropriate ventilation: Dryer vents as well as vent hoods over the stove should be vented to go all the way outside. Be sure that they are not vented to flow under your home or into the attic. Serious mold problems can occur from moisture being trapped inside the home.

Seal air leaks: Control moisture by sealing air leaks in your home’s exterior. This has the added benefit of saving energy and lowering your utility bills.

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