To Extend, Upgrade Or Add On To Your HVAC System When Planning A Second StoryPlanning the addition of a second story to your Florida home can be quite a chore. Although there are many important decisions you need to make, a paramount decision relates to your HVAC system and how to handle the heating and cooling needs of your home’s new addition.

Extend, upgrade or add on

These are the three choices you’ll have for the HVAC system of your second story addition. To figure out what is best for your home, you should have an HVAC professional perform an energy audit. For now, let’s take a closer look at your options:

  • Extend: In some cases, extension of your current system might be all that’s required. It really comes down to whether or not your system has the necessary capacity to handle your home’s current needs, plus the needs of your new space. You should also take your system’s age into account, using the basic rule of 10 years as a guideline.
  • Upgrade: If your system can’t cut it in terms of handling the requirements of your new addition, or has surpassed 10 years of service, you may need to switch out your entire HVAC system. While this can be a costly endeavor, it could be the perfect opportunity to upgrade to a more energy-efficient unit. Yes, this may be costly at the onset, but over time, you’ll definitely see significant savings by using less energy.
  • Add on: Want to try out a different kind of HVAC system? Does a ductless, high-velocity, or hydronic setup sound enticing? If you’d like to try one of these systems, you can do so by installing a stand-alone unit with the sole function of heating and cooling your second story addition. A stand-alone unit is also necessary when your ductwork’s primary trunk is too far away from the new addition.

For more expert advice about your HVAC system when planning an addition, or for questions relating to home comfort, please contact the friendly professionals at Robert R. McGill Air Conditioning, Inc. We have been serving eastern Palm Beach, northern Broward and southern Martin counties since 1979.

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