Ductwork Problems Located with Professional TestingDuctwork problems can be subtle and can happen at anytime. Your air duct system could have leakage or blockage problems without you realizing it. Having your ductwork professionally tested can catch these problems and determine whether your air duct system needs sealing, replacing or renovating. 

Your air duct system transports air to and from your heating and cooling system to every room of your house or building. When this system is running right, it will decrease your total energy use and give provide comfort throughout the house. If your air duct system isn't running right, it'll give you headaches.

Ductwork problems can be large or small. Most of the time, the problems will be leakages or blockages. The consequences of these problems vary and can include:

  • Rooms that are too warm or too cold
  • Unclean air entering your home or building
  • Escalating energy bills

To determine whether your ductwork is properly working, have a qualified HVAC professional test it for leaks and blockages. Duct testing uses calibrated mechanical equipment that measures how much airflow your ducts lose when running at normal operating pressure.

Testing for ductwork problems is always recommended before you install a new heating and/or air conditioning unit. If you have problems with your ductwork before you install a new system, those air duct problems will remain with the new system. As a result, you'll have wasted your money on a new system.

Another recommended time for testing is during a routine diagnostic tune-up. Include a duct test with your tune-up. When you include a duct test, you'll detect any problems with your duct system before they become big problems.

You can have your ductwork tested for problems anytime. However, usually sealing, repairing or renovating your ductwork goes hand in hand with installing a new HVAC system.

Contact Robert R. McGill Air Conditioning today to have your air ducts professionally tested for unseen ductwork problems. We've proudly served residential and commercial customers in the Palm Beach area for over 30 years.

Our goal is to help educate our customers in Palm Beach County, Florida about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems). 

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