How Smart Thermostats Keep You in Control of Your Home's EnvironmentAre your heating and cooling bills out of control? Do you need to reduce your energy costs in the most efficient way possible? Investing in smart thermostats could be the answer. Unlike a standard thermostat, smart thermostats are programmable, allowing homeowners to precisely determine temperatures 24 hours a day, and offer added features to boot.

How a programmable thermostat works

A programmable thermostat allows homeowners to preset HVAC settings to regulate the home’s temperature around the clock. Rather than keeping your home at a comfortable temperature while everyone’s at work or school, these thermostats allow you to cut back on the conditioning when no one’s there to enjoy it and kick back on in time for your arrival. You get the benefit of a comfortable house when you arrive, and you aren’t paying for as much heating and cooling while the house is empty.

What’s a smart thermostat?

When you want to save money on your energy bills, you might think that you can remember to adjust the thermostat yourself before you go to sleep and leave for work. In practice, however, you’ll likely slip up from time to time. A smart thermostat handles all the work for you, with the ability to learn your temperature preferences, schedules and other details to automatically tailor the temperatures to your life.

Smart thermostats also come with apps and wireless connectivity so you can control them remotely. Instead of going to the thermostat, bring up the application on your phone and change everything from there—whether you’re at home or away.

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