Your Air Conditioner Maintenance: It Starts With a Spring Tune-up but Doesn't Stop There05.09.13Warmer weather in South Florida means that your air conditioner may already be working overtime to keep you cool. If you haven’t scheduled your annual air conditioner maintenance, now is the time to do it. Yearly preventive maintenance will help keep your air conditioner in top working order all summer long, as well as improve its efficiency to save you money on energy costs. A qualified HVAC technician will perform a tune-up that includes these key points:

  • Lubricate the moving parts of your system to eliminate the risk of friction.
  • Test the controls for proper cycling.
  • Record the operating temperatures and pressures of your system.
  • Inspect the start and run capacitors and relays for damage.
  • Check the level of refrigerant and inspect for leaks.
  • Flush the condensate drain to ensure it doesn’t overflow and cause mold growth.
  • Tighten electrical connections.
  • Inspect the blower motor and belts for wear.
  • Test the voltage and amperage on the motor, and check for worn bearings.
  • Clean the outdoor condensing unit.
  • Clean and adjust the thermostat to ensure accuracy.

Air conditioner maintenance doesn’t end when your technician is done with the job. There are several things you should do during the operating season to ensure your system stays in top shape:

  • Check your air filter each month and change it when it’s dirty. A dirty filter prevents air from flowing optimally in your system and can cause overheating and related damage. Choose a good-quality, pleated filter to prevent dust from building up inside your system.
  • Remove plants growing near your outdoor condensing unit. Hose down the unit monthly to remove debris such as dirt and grass clippings, which can impede the flow of air to your system.
  • Don’t close off more than 20 percent of your supply registers to save money on utilities. Doing so can hamper the airflow to your system and reduce its efficiency.

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