Keep Your Ductless Mini Split Maintained for Maximum EfficiencyThe advantages of a ductless mini split have made it one of the most popular cooling and heating alternatives for homes where installing or extending ductwork to condition a single room isn’t feasible. The system is built around a high-efficiency heat pump for year-round cooling and heating (or may be an A/C only). The downsized outdoor unit incorporates the outdoor coil and the compressor while the indoor unit(s) are usually compact wall- or ceiling-mounted air handlers. These two components are linked by a conduit that conveys refrigerant. A ductless mini split offers the power of central air with the efficiency of a heat pump, all without the expense of ducts.
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A ductless mini split has an expected service life of up to 15 years. Following these regular maintenance tips helps ensure that you receive the full complement of trouble-free performance and efficiency.

  • Check and clean the air handler filters every month. In addition to the standard  filter, an Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) filter requires service based on accumulated hours of usage. Most units have an indicator light to signal when IAQ filter cleaning is required.
  • Clean the indoor coil at least once a year. Accumulations of dust and dirt on the coil reduce the effectiveness of both heat and humidity extraction and decrease energy efficiency. A dirty coil also invites mold growth.
  • At the outdoor unit, remove any debris such as leaves or grass clippings from the vent grille. Cut back any encroaching vegetation to leave three feet of clear space on all sides of the unit.
  • Turn off power to the outdoor unit and hose down the outdoor coil to clear away dust and dirt.
  • Examine the refrigerant conduit between the indoor and outdoor conduit for bumps in the insulation or oily patches that may indicate a leak.
  • Schedule an annual tune-up with your HVAC contractor for more comprehensive maintenance including measuring refrigerant levels, checking voltage, and verifying electrical components.

Robert R. McGill Air Conditioning is the “comfort development company” serving Palm Beach, northern Broward County and southern Martin County since 1979. Call us to schedule an annual ductless mini split maintenance visit and ensure another trouble-free cooling season.

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