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Taking Charge of Your Cooling Costs: It All Starts With the Right PlanContrary to what you may think, cooling costs are not out of your control. Understanding how your cooling system works, you can create an energy-efficient plan to keep your cooling costs to an all-time low this A/C season. Read the rest of this entry

Does Your HVAC System Smell? Moisture Is Likely the CulpritMusty and stagnant smells caused by mold and mildew in your HVAC system can wreak havoc on your senses and your nerves. Air conditioners and heat pumps produce large quantities of water via condensation. To make matters worse, condensation often collects on duct walls when ducts are routed through unconditioned spaces.? Read the rest of this entry

tdomdiagramWhen your A/C breaks down in the middle of the Florida heat, it can be a nightmare. Calling someone in to fix it takes time, and it could cost a lot of money, but it might not be necessary. Some A/C problems are minor enough that you can diagnose and fix them yourself. Before you call in a professional, look at the following three common scenarios to help you through troubleshooting your air conditioner problems. Even if they don’t solve your A/C problem, they can at least point you in the right direction, so you can better advise your HVAC technician. Read the rest of this entry

4332141881_9bbb10c0ffAn A/C doesn’t just cool your home. It also filters impurities out of your air such as dust, pollen and mold and helps raise your indoor air quality (IAQ). But how well does it work? What criteria does an efficient A/C filter meet, and how are they measured? Read the rest of this entry

RobertRMcGill-7.31The constant sunshine is part of what makes Florida such an alluring place, but it also does a number on our energy bills. An Energy Star-qualified air conditioner can help you deal with those outrageous monthly bills. In the typical American home, heating and cooling interior air consumes nearly half of a home’s energy consumption. Think about how much you spent last year on energy and you’ll understand how important it is to have a highly-efficient air conditioner. Read the rest of this entry

ac-winterize-lgMold can cause major problems for homeowners. Not only can it damage your home, it can cause significant health problems for you and your loved ones. Mold thrives in wet environments, and can grow inside your air conditioner’s drip pan if you do not clean it regularly and properly. Your air conditioner’s drip pan is where water collects as it evaporates from the unit. Therefore, a mold-free drip pan is imperative to prevent mold from flourishing. Read the rest of this entry

foam-and-trayAirborne mold spores can be dangerous to your health, especially if you or anyone in your household has asthma, allergies or other respiratory problems. One of the more common locations for household mold growth is the drip pan of your cooling system. By its very nature, your A/C drip pan harbors standing water, and when this water becomes contaminated with dust, dirt and bacteria, it’s a hot bed for mold growth. Read the rest of this entry

Carrier-Air-Conditioner-1When your unit runs continuously through a South Florida summer, it gets a workout. Knowing when an air conditioner may be about to fail can be helpful. Learning the warning signs of system failure can help you avoid going a period of time without cooling–something no homeowner in living in Florida ever wants to experience. Read the rest of this entry

leaking_ac_hoseA leaky air conditioner is an issue that requires immediate attention, or you’ll risk the expense of water damage inside your home.

Sources of water leaks

There are multiple factors that can cause water leaks in an air conditioner, and some of these may not be a sign of system malfunction. However, leaks are often caused by more serious issues that eventually require the expertise of a heating and cooling professional. Read the rest of this entry

300px-Air_conditioning_unit-en.svgGet Peak A/C Performance With These 5 Tips
The single most important appliance in your home during the summer is likely to be your air conditioner. Need help with your Air Conditioning in Palm Beach? With months of the cooling season remaining, use these five tips to improve A/C performance to increase your comfort and lower your bills:  Read the rest of this entry

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