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ill_hvacWhen you choose new or replacement HVAC equipment for your home, it’s extremely important that the air conditioner or heat pump be sized correctly—not too big and not too small. To make sure your HVAC equipment is the correct size, you should rely on your contractor to conduct a load calculation on your home using the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) Manual J, “Residential Load Calculation.” Your HVAC technician should be thoroughly familiar with the use of this industry-standard manual. Read the rest of this entry

imagesHome air conditioners require a manufacturer-specified amount of the common refrigerant R-22, often referred to by the brand name Freon, to function properly. When the cooling capacity of your air conditioner needs a boost, the problem is usually solved by refilling your cooling system with this industry-standard refrigerant. Read the rest of this entry

air_conditionerSpring in southeast Florida is a good time to prepare your home for the hot, humid summers, so you’re not doing chores outdoors in the heat. It’s also a good time to clean up your air conditioner and get it ready for the months of really heavy usage ahead. When you complete what you can and have an HVAC professional perform the technical maintenance, you reduce both your electric bill and the odds of an air conditioner breakdown. Read the rest of this entry

ac-diagramIf you’re getting a tax refund this year, give some careful thought to investing in a new air conditioning system. While any HVAC purchase usually carries a sizable price tag, the long-term savings from a more energy-efficient model can be significant. Read the rest of this entry

consumer-guide-to-replacing-your-air-conditioner-or-heaterAbout two out of every three homes in the United States have air conditioning. This sends approximately 100 million tons of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere every year. On average, that’s about 2 tons of pollution per year for every air conditioned home in the country. Read the rest of this entry

RobertRMcGill-7.31Thank you for stopping by to read our new blog. Our family-owned company prides itself on old-fashioned customer service — but that doesn’t mean we won’t use every avenue to communicate with our local customers, friends and neighbors here in Palm Beach County. A big part of our blog’s mission is to provide the community with professional home comfort advice, valuable energy-saving tips, new product information and more. Read the rest of this entry

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