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Duct Cleaning Archives

duct-cleaning-lgThe HVAC system is commonly one of the single largest physical investments a homeowner makes. While the need for regular servicing and maintenance of the mechanical components and the filtration devices is obvious, duct cleaning may be less so. Read the rest of this entry

ill_hvacThe central air conditioning system in your Palm Beach County home relies on ductwork to distribute your cooled air evenly. When was the last time you considered the condition of your home’s ductwork? If there are gaps and cracks in any of the joints, you could be wasting energy and losing money. To improve HVAC efficiency, have your ducts professionally sealed. Read the rest of this entry

dania-beach-air-conditioning-duct-cleaning-300x223There are many reasons to love living in South Florida, but with the great weather comes some potential threats that are a bigger concern in Palm Beach County than many other parts of the country. The warm weather raises the potential for mold growth and pest problems inside your home. One way great way to fight back is through regular duct cleaning. Read the rest of this entry