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Ductwork Condensation: Learn How to Control ItDuctwork condensation may form in the air ducts of your home. Once this problem begins, your ducts can become a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. Since your air ducts are circulating conditioned air throughout your home, the mold spores and/or bacteria are being dispersed in your home through your vents. Mold spores and bacteria can take a toll on you and your family’s health. Read the rest of this entry

Ductwork Problems Located with Professional TestingDuctwork problems can be subtle and can happen at anytime. Your air duct system could have leakage or blockage problems without you realizing it. Having your ductwork professionally tested can catch these problems and determine whether your air duct system needs sealing, replacing or renovating.  Read the rest of this entry

ductwork design palm beach county floridaIf you’re a Palm Beach-area resident who is building a new home, adding on to an existing structure, or considering improvements to your current ductwork’s design, there are specific design principles that can maximize your home’s energy efficiency and comfort. Read the rest of this entry

giveaway signs of ductwork problems palm beach county floridaDuctwork problems can cause major inefficiencies with your cooling equipment, so if your energy bills are rising or you’re noticing home comfort problems, faulty ducts may be to blame. Here are some telltale signs that your ducts are in need of inspection, repair or replacement: Read the rest of this entry

robert_11.27.12-300x219Sweating ducts are one issue that Florida homeowners might experience in this hot, humid climate. When you run your air conditioner, the cold air inside the duct clashes with the warm, humid air outside the duct, causing condensation to form, much like it does on a cold drink on a hot day. But rather than being refreshing, the condensation on your ducts is problematic and even dangerous. If left unchecked, it can cause water damage, as well as mold and mildew growth, which leads to allergies, asthma and other health issues. Fortunately, there’s one simple way to fix sweating ducts. Read the rest of this entry

home-air-leakageLiving in Southern Florida means that you don’t typically have to worry about dealing with freezing temperatures. However, hot and muggy weather can be as difficult to contend with, and it can definitely test the limits of your cooling system. Therefore, it is essential that your air-conditioning unit runs efficiently and optimally, to ensure your home comfort as well as that your energy spending stays within a reasonable level.

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duct_sealingIf you’re spending too much money on cooling costs this summer for your Florida home, leaky ducts could be the culprit. According to the federal Energy Star program, the average U.S. home loses 20 percent of conditioned air to leaks in ductwork.
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ductlessAn ongoing challenge in home comfort is making sure that cooling reaches every part of your house, but inevitably there are hard-to-cool spots. These often include places where the ductwork cannot reach, either because of lack of space for installing new ducts or because existing ductwork does not extend that far. For homes with areas that are not easy to cool, ductless mini splits can be a practical solution to existing air conditioning problems.

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duct_sealingDuct sealing is a task you should leave to a professional. Special training, tools and materials are needed to create a lasting seal on the ductwork running through your attic or garage. If you’re still trying to decide if it’s worth it to have duct sealing completed, consider these five reasons to put it on your to-do list this spring. Read the rest of this entry

ill_hvacThe central air conditioning system in your Palm Beach County home relies on ductwork to distribute your cooled air evenly. When was the last time you considered the condition of your home’s ductwork? If there are gaps and cracks in any of the joints, you could be wasting energy and losing money. To improve HVAC efficiency, have your ducts professionally sealed. Read the rest of this entry

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