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Energy-Star-Before_DuctsArrowsThe cost of living keeps going up. That’s an unfortunate fact that we all face. There may not be much we can do about the price of gasoline or a dozen eggs, but there are ways to reduce energy losses and keep our homes comfortable at a lower cost. One major item that can impact energy usage is a home’s duct system. Read the rest of this entry

ductwork-installationIs your ductwork properly insulated against unconditioned air in the attic, garage and crawl space? These are the most common unconditioned locations to have ductwork run through, and they can waste 10 to 30 percent of the energy consumed to keep your home comfortable. This wasted energy can be prevented by installing duct insulation to duct runs traveling through these locations. Read the rest of this entry

dania-beach-air-conditioning-duct-cleaning-300x223There are many reasons to love living in South Florida, but with the great weather comes some potential threats that are a bigger concern in Palm Beach County than many other parts of the country. The warm weather raises the potential for mold growth and pest problems inside your home. One way great way to fight back is through regular duct cleaning. Read the rest of this entry

DMSairconditionersIf you’re looking for a way to condition the air in your home this winter, consider a ductless mini-split heat pump. Like standard heat pumps, mini splits use a condenser/compressor that sits outside and air handlers with evaporators indoors. These systems offer a number of advantages over conventional heat pumps and portable air conditioners that might be a suitable solution to condition your home. Read the rest of this entry

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