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HEPA Filtration: Understand How It Can Improve Your Indoor Air QualityThe air quality of your home is of the highest importance when you consider the effect our environment has on our bodies. Small particles such as dust, mold, pollen and other tiny bits of airborne debris are constantly floating in the air around us. HEPA filtration systems remove the tiniest particles, cleaning up our air and making it safer to breathe.

HEPA, chief architect x6 cheap or high-efficiency particulate air, filters use a three-fold process to pull tiny particles from the atmosphere inside buildings. HEPA filtration systems are designed to intercept small particles, impact them within the fibers of the filter, and “bounce” the air around inside the filter until the great majority of airborne particulates can be removed. While the system may seem complex, it basically catches the particles and confines them amid a maze of fibers and materials so air moving through the filter cannot dislodge them.

A HEPA filter does have its limitations, however. Although it can remove minute particles from the air, it cannot filter out dangerous gases. HEPA filtration systems also have no effect on radon gas, carbon monoxide and natural gas fumes in your indoor air.

If you’re interested in having a HEPA filtration system installed in your home, contact a certified HVAC technician. While HEPA systems are mainly found in hospitals and research facilities, people who have severe allergies or upper respiratory conditions can benefit from their residential use.

To have a HEPA system installed, professional modifications probably will need to be made to your existing HVAC system. Some HEPA filters can be retrofitted to an existing central air system, and others are available as a separate, stand-alone air cleaner.

If you have questions concerning HEPA filters and how they can vastly improve your home’s air quality, please call us at Robert R. McGill Air Conditioning, Inc. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year to fulfill your air quality needs. If you live in northern Broward, southern Martin or east Palm Beach counties, we’re here to serve you.

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Minimizing Mold Growth in Your Florida Home: A Comprehensive StrategyIf you’ve lived in South Florida more than a week, you know that our area of the country can be damp, especially during the summer months. Dampness is one of the four factors necessary for mold growth, something none of us want in our homes. Fortunately, there are some easy ways of minimizing mold growth. Read the rest of this entry

Is Your Air Cleaner Due for Spring Cleaning?04.04.13Spring is in the air here in south Florida, and that means time for spring cleaning! Though our spring weather slides quickly into summer heat, remember that with the warmer weather comes more allergens in the air. Making sure to include your air cleaner in your spring cleaning to-do list is an important and easy way to keep your family breathing easy. Read the rest of this entry

Air Cleaners Target Pollutants That Aggravate Breathing Ailments

While urban South Florida has relatively good air quality, a person suffering from a breathing ailment, such as asthma,?chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), emphysema or allergies, may not agree, especially in the spring months. As part of your regime for encouraging healthy, comfortable breathing, consider a home air cleaner to clear some of the pollen, pollutants and particles out of the air you breathe. Read the rest of this entry

Are Your Ducts Sweating? 3 Tips For Resolving The ProblemMany Florida homeowners face a unique problem in their homes: sweating ducts. This issue is common in humid areas, and occurs when the outer surfaces of ducts have a dew point that is lower than the surrounding air. The cold air inside the ducts meets the warm, humid outside air, causing condensation to form, which leads to sweat forming on their ducts. And while the name sounds funny, sweating ducts can be serious, because they can result in mold proliferation and mildew growth. Read the rest of this entry

problems in air ducts palm beach county floridaYour air ducts are the distribution system for the conditioned air in your South Florida home. Running mostly unseen behind walls and beneath floorboards, air ducts, also known as ductwork, can be a huge source of wasted energy. That’s why if you have a problem with your air ducts, you need to fix it immediately. Read the rest of this entry

paz_01_img0128You expect the air within your home to be free from pollutants and other contaminants, but the fact is, your home’s indoor air quality may be even worse than what is outside your door. Read the rest of this entry

ventThe ductwork of your HVAC system plays a more important role in home comfort and indoor air quality than might be apparent at first glance. Your HVAC system is a very large air circulation device, sending out conditioned air to cool your home and bringing back expended air to be filtered, cooled again and redistributed. Supply vents send the air out into your home, while return-air vents and ductwork pull air out of the interior of your home and send it back to the main HVAC unit. Read the rest of this entry

wpID244imgID370When contaminated garage air moves into your home, it will lower the overall indoor air quality and put you and your family at risk for health complications. This is a frightening thought when you consider how much time you and your family spend indoors. Fortunately, three strategies will help you prevent the contaminated garage air from entering your home: Read the rest of this entry

lrg-2013-sources-of-moisture-3Florida residents know that humidity and moisture are constant facts of life. Aside from any discomfort, this moisture can also damage your home. One of main problems that can result from excessive moisture in your home is mold. Mold can have a very serious impact on your family’s health, which is why it is so important to deal with moisture problems quickly to prevent mold from ever appearing. Read the rest of this entry

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