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Are Your Ducts Sweating? 3 Tips For Resolving The ProblemMany Florida homeowners face a unique problem in their homes: sweating ducts. This issue is common in humid areas, and occurs when the outer surfaces of ducts have a dew point that is lower than the surrounding air. The cold air inside the ducts meets the warm, humid outside air, causing condensation to form, which leads to sweat forming on their ducts. And while the name sounds funny, sweating ducts can be serious, because they can result in mold proliferation and mildew growth. Read the rest of this entry

problems in air ducts palm beach county floridaYour air ducts are the distribution system for the conditioned air in your South Florida home. Running mostly unseen behind walls and beneath floorboards, air ducts, also known as ductwork, can be a huge source of wasted energy. That’s why if you have a problem with your air ducts, you need to fix it immediately. Read the rest of this entry