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How Smart Thermostats Keep You in Control of Your Home's EnvironmentAre your heating and cooling bills out of control? Do you need to reduce your energy costs in the most efficient way possible? Investing in smart thermostats could be the answer. Unlike a standard thermostat, smart thermostats are programmable, allowing homeowners to precisely determine temperatures 24 hours a day, and offer added features to boot. Read the rest of this entry

Programmable Thermostats Lead to Savings If Used CorrectlyAre you looking for a way to make your South Florida home more energy efficient and saving some money while you’re at it? If you are, consider programmable thermostats, which are one of the simplest and most effective of ways to take control of your energy costs. Read the rest of this entry

ecobee-smart-thermostatProgrammable thermostats are simple yet exceptional tools to ensure customized comfort for any lifestyle, while lowering energy consumption at the same time. With the new generation of smart thermostats, you’ll enjoy the same benefits with many new high-tech features at your fingertips. Read the rest of this entry

NestSmartThermostat1If you are like most homeowners, a decent amount of your household budget goes to powering your home. Controlling the temperature of your home while attempting to save energy at the same time can seem like a real juggling act. This is where smart thermostats can really make a difference. Read the rest of this entry

ht_InstallaProgrammableThermostat_hero_imageIf you want to save energy and money without compromising on comfort, a programmable thermostat can be your best friend. Programmables make saving almost automatic, once you set up your program with desired temperatures and your schedule. This way you don’t need to keep your Palm Beach County home excessively cool when you’re out at work or school all day, for example. The system will automatically return the temperature to cool and comfy by the time you get home. You’ve saved energy by allowing the house to warm up when you weren’t home without noticing any difference in comfort level. When you get your next utility bill, you’ll notice a difference, however — it will cost you less. Read the rest of this entry

RobertRMcGill-7.31Thank you for stopping by to read our new blog. Our family-owned company prides itself on old-fashioned customer service — but that doesn’t mean we won’t use every avenue to communicate with our local customers, friends and neighbors here in Palm Beach County. A big part of our blog’s mission is to provide the community with professional home comfort advice, valuable energy-saving tips, new product information and more. Read the rest of this entry