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Catalytic_Process-AHPCO-mblPoor home ventilation can result in indoor air to be more polluted than the air outside your home. Allergens, molds, dust and other pollutants in the home can severely affect the approximately 65 million Americans with asthma, allergies or other respiratory problems. Some estimates relay that 1 gram of dust alone may hold 50,000 bacteria.  Read the rest of this entry

imagesCold and flu season has arrived in Palm Beach County, which makes this a great time to look into improving your home’s indoor air quality. Inside your house, germs and lung irritants can be recirculated via the air duct and ventilation systems. If your home is well insulated, that’s great for energy efficiency, but it can contribute to the problem by keeping the bad air in. That’s why air filters and ventilation systems are so important. There are also some new tools on the market to improve your air quality – UV (ultraviolet) lights. Read the rest of this entry