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An Energy Recovery Ventilator Provides Moisture Control And Fresh AirFor South Florida homeowners struggling with moisture problems, relentless humidity and stagnant indoor air quality, an energy recovery ventilator may be your best solution for controlling moisture all year long, and supplying your home with fresh air regardless of outside weather conditions.  Read the rest of this entry

ventilationThough you may not ever give it much thought, your attic is capable of reaching temperatures of up to 200 degrees, which can increase your utility bill by as much as 20 percent. Taking the time to ensure that your attic insulation and ventilation is up to snuff will boost your home comfort and promote energy savings. Read the rest of this entry

Ventilation-and-insulationWhen your attic is running a temperature, it becomes an infectious problem that causes your entire house to suffer. Your attic is capable of reaching temperatures as high as 150 degrees, and that heat can raise your household energy spending by as much as 20 percent. In order to keep your home (and your wallet) healthy, you must take measures to ensure adequate insulation and ventilation. Read the rest of this entry

balanced_ventilationVentilation systems are being installed in more and more homes today, primarily because of how tight construction has become. The purpose of a tightly sealed home is to save energy by limiting the amount of outdoor air that seeps through gaps and cracks. But an unfortunate side effect occurs: Without proper home ventilation, you may find your air becoming stale and heavy, which is uncomfortable and potentially even unhealthy. Read the rest of this entry