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Team-Bobs-9.18.2012Keeping your home at a single, comfortable temperature is a difficult proposition. Some rooms end up too hot while others are too cold. The one thermostat that governs the entire house gets continually readjusted, ultimately damaging the system. The solution is to develop zoning system design that works best with your home’s layout and your family. Read the rest of this entry

Zoning-Duct-SystemOne of the more frustrating aspects of keeping your larger or multi-story home cool throughout the summer is inconsistent temperature levels throughout your house. Rooms on the first floor may be perfectly comfortable, but areas on the second floor may be too warm for their occupants. With everyone in the house struggling for control of the single thermostat, nobody will be comfortable for long. Read the rest of this entry

zoned-heating-coolingIf your household is like many here in the Palm Beach County area, there’s some disagreement in your home about comfortable temperatures. What feels cool, comfy and perfect for sleep to one family member might feel freezing cold to you. What’s more, in order to get the bedroom cold enough, you may have to freeze adobe illustrator cc 2015 the entire house by turning down the thermostat. Read the rest of this entry

RobertRMcGill-7.31Thank you for stopping by to read our new blog. Our family-owned company prides itself on old-fashioned customer service — but that doesn’t mean we won’t use every avenue to communicate with our local customers, friends and neighbors here in Palm Beach County. A big part of our blog’s mission is to provide the community with professional home comfort advice, valuable energy-saving tips, new product information and more. Read the rest of this entry