Just like your car, your Air Conditioning System requires periodic maintenance to keep it running at peak efficiency. A well maintained system performs better and is more reliable during the summer months when you need it most. Our Preferred Maintenance Agreement (PMA) program is geared for providing you just that. We take the headaches out of keeping your Air Conditioning in peek operating condition, which reduces costs and increases reliability.

Did you know  . . . . .
Only 100th of an inch of dust, film or dirt on your evaporator coil
can decrease efficiency up to 15%?
If your system is undercharged by only 10% your operating costs
may increase more than 20%?
Dirty blowers, condensers and evaporators can raise your
energy costs by 50% or more?
Compressor breakdowns can be reduced by about 80%
if maintenance is performed routinely?
Small problems do not become expensive repairs
with twice a year maintenance?

Our committed and dependable technicians will perform over 20 vital checks of your system’s components and operations. We will inform you of any potential issues developing, helping to insure your system is working its best year round. All service is scheduled when it will do your system the most good, and is tailored to your personal needs. We also keep detailed records of the services performed. This is especially helpful to our customers who may have multiple systems they rely upon to keep them comfortable and happy.

All PMA customers save $20 on their diagnostic charge, enjoy reduced rates for service calls and repairs when they are necessary, and NEVER have to pay “overtime rates” in the event you should need us outside normal business hours. We have guaranteed 24 hour service, 7 days a week.

All you need to do is contact us and we will be glad to tell you about our plans and how we can customize one to fit your needs.