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All About The Air Filter In Your Heat PumpHeat pumps are a wonderful invention, particularly for residents of South Florida and other areas with very mild winters. They transfer hot air from inside the house to the outside and can keep your home cool throughout the steamy summer months. That same unit can also get rid of the chill that settles in the air around January and February each year. However, to keep your heat pump working smoothly, you need to change the air filter in your heat pump regularly. Read the rest of this entry

fujitsuinstall_mediumDuctless mini splits are heat pumps that don’t require any ducts to distribute the air. They provide significant advantages over a standard heat pump for spaces where ducts are impractical, or where you don’t want to have to extend ductwork, such as in an addition to your home. Furthermore, they offer increased energy efficiency and system flexibility. Read the rest of this entry

DHPHeating and cooling needs in south Florida may be best accomplished with a heat pump. When properly installed, this machine has a significant level of efficiency simply because the heat pump moves heat instead of creating it from a combustible fuel source. Heat pump efficiency during the summer is about equivalent to a high-efficiency air conditioner. Read the rest of this entry

4177ZXCXR0L._SL500_AA300_If you'd like to find a better way to condition the air in your home, consider an energy-efficient heat pump. Winter is ending, so it won't be long before the long cooling season starts and your energy bills increase. A heat pump offers one of the best ways to heat and cool homes in Florida, since winters are mild. A pump transfers heat from one place to another and does not use any fuel to create heat, which lowers its operational costs. Read the rest of this entry

DMSairconditionersIf you’re looking for a way to condition the air in your home this winter, consider a ductless mini-split heat pump. Like standard heat pumps, mini splits use a condenser/compressor that sits outside and air handlers with evaporators indoors. These systems offer a number of advantages over conventional heat pumps and portable air conditioners that might be a suitable solution to condition your home. Read the rest of this entry